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Day 31 – don’t take pre-workout before bed

So it’s been a while since I’ve written. Sorry if anyone was worried again. Truth is it’s getting harder and harder to write because my mindset just isn’t great. Well the coronavirus numbers in China are slowly declining which is good. There are still new cases but a lot less. Hopefully some normality will beginContinue reading “Day 31 – don’t take pre-workout before bed”

Day 26 – abducted by the government

Woah! Long time no see. Sorry for not posting but I was taken by the government! Just kidding. But the government did take down all of the VPN’s which means until literally about an hour ago there was no access to the outside world! At all. So what I miss? Got some catching up toContinue reading “Day 26 – abducted by the government”

Day 19 – mighty morphin meatballs Batman?!

So day 19 in the big brother house. I start my morning routine. What else but googling how many people died last night? Another 100. Up to 1113. Although there was a strange moment last night so weird I thought it was a dream. Well not so much weird as frightening. At about 1am IContinue reading “Day 19 – mighty morphin meatballs Batman?!”