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Day 19 – mighty morphin meatballs Batman?!

So day 19 in the big brother house. I start my morning routine. What else but googling how many people died last night? Another 100. Up to 1113. Although there was a strange moment last night so weird I thought it was a dream. Well not so much weird as frightening. At about 1am I went to go to the toilet and heard shouting and screaming. So I look out my window to see two people in hazmat suits dragging a small child away. Nobody else there no parents or anything. It was horrible. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was dreaming. Then I questioned myself this morning. Did that really happen? Unfortunately yes. Honestly I’m not shocked. Hearing stories of families being welded inside their homes to stop the spread of the virus with no food. But I find it terrible how the Chinese government are treating their own citizens. And how little of this makes it to mainstream news! A terrible time indeed.

That also wasn’t the only crazy thing to happen early this morning. The cat being the wanker he is decided to piss and shit all over our bed! Now he’s usually really good but about once every 8 weeks he decides to just leave his mark. And by god did he. I was almost sick. It was vile. But being the hero I am. I left the door open as I was about to clean it and Lola came in and ate the poo. Dirty girl.

So today was the first online class! We can’t teach in person for obvious virus reasons. So the next best thing is filming ourselves. Now, I must say our English boss has done really well at getting everything organised for this and giving examples etc. I however was not prepared for the camera. Ignoring the fact I have a face for radio. You may have noticed my hair is somewhat thin. I’ve come to terms with the fact I will lose it. But until it needs to go it’s staying. However with all the hairdressers shut I have an untamed mop on my head. The top is still wispy and a little thin. But the back and sides are so thick I look like a monk let his hair grow out. And my beard is still looking like a wild prickly bush. But luckily I got the curdled milk out from yesterday.

We went for a few little extra bits at the shop today as we needed a new quilt because some dick pissed on and shat on ours (looking at you Zeus). He’s lucky he’s cute. The Chinese seem to have smaller trolleys and well let’s just say I’m not built for them.

And for those of you wondering yes I’m wearing trackies and sliders shopping. Comfort is a choice and I’m going with it. I can’t help getting the virus but I CAN help being comfy.

Now, onto dinner. My god I out did myself! I made some mahooosive meatballs and a kind of spaghetti carbonara. It was all kinds of delicious. And mouth watering. Honestly as I’m writing this I genuinely may go and get another meatball. They were the size of my fist. Anyway that is about all for now..

Going to try and fit a late home workout in before bed. Gett chubby.

Love Zac.



Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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