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Day 20 – Ghostville

So you know the drill. 200 more dead and 20,000 more have been infected. This is due to China testing people more thoroughly. Funnily enough people don’t believe the death count already, but this also means it isn’t accurate as they are looking through old tests and checking for things they weren’t before. So patients who have died from cov-19 who were thought to have died from other causes haven’t been included.

I had a chat with a friend last night back in the UK. Haven’t spoken in a while, we used to play rugby together. And he was saying it looked as though it was being blown out of proportion in the UK. And yes. To be honest the UK have nothing to worry about. It’s affecting the old, very young, and people who have weakened respiratory systems, e.g have asthma etc. So the average person doesn’t really have much to worry about. W.H.O (Wolrd health organisation) have said that it is more contagious than SARS but it is more selective in terms of being deadly. Obviously healthy people will die. But the majority will be babies or toddlers. Or the very old. Or people with asthma. Hence me being so careful as I’m an asthmatic. And the amount of cases in the UK is minimal and being contained very well. So unless someone visits the sick in hospital or goes to an old people home or maternity ward, hopefully you should be OK. What I did say though was how people are scared of what the government is doing here. There is little to no compassion for the public here. People being welded in. Children being taken.prison sentences and death sentences being threatened. Hunting for bloggers who are spreading “fake news”. We now have to check in everywhere we go via our phones and they track our movements throughout the day seeing where we go. And even who we have contact with. That’s the most worrying thing.

So anyway Emily’s birthday is in March and as I’m sure you can imagine I want to do something special. But we have no idea when things will be open. We can’t order anything. Or go out for dinner. It’s just crap and I feel awful. So I’m gunna have to do some outside the boxing thinking me thinks. All ideas are welcome.

Probably the most exciting part of today. The brownies I made. My god! They were heavenly. Made a little different. I blended oats together until fluffy like flour. Added coco powder. 3 eggs. Jar of nuttela. Dark chocolate. Some smashed up oreos. And then put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Then served with vanilla ice-cream. Just heavenly.

On the plus side the weather has been warm enough to wear shorts! Which is crazy. Because it has literally been raining constantly and cold for so many days straight. I’m pretty sure my tan has just upped and left because it didn’t like the cold. Well we went out today and even though it was warm.. Ghost town. We went on the subway to the supermarket and we were the only ones there. Like literally nobody. Anywhere. So weird. I could have fainted on the floor and probably wouldn’t have been found for days haha.

Due to the lack of, motivation, things to do and just general life in China right now. There is no sort of routine so bed times have been at ridiculous times. And then waking up at normal time to let the dogs out. Well it kind of caught up with me and yesterday I didn’t do the workout. And today I slept in until 13.30. Yep that’s right. I’m a lazy git. Anyway now that I’ve caught up on my sleep hopefully I’ll go to bed at a more reasonable hour and do my workout before bed!

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Love Zac


P.s how gorgeous is Lola?


Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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