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Day 18 – the good, the bad and the chili.

So I’ve decided to write another post today as it is day 18 today. I’m going to write these towards the end on the same day now rather than the morning after.

So! T-o-d-a-y. I got to have an extra nap in bed (thanks Emily) because yes I’m a grumpy old man. Now at the moment the morning routine is first thing, check Google to see how many people have died in your country and town etc etc. This is crazy. I never thought that I’d be getting up to Google how many people were dead. See if there were any deaths near me. Well surprise surprise the forecast is death with a slight overcast of death. I know I seek like I’m making light of the situation but to be honest I don’t know what else to do. 116 died overnight. The most yet. It is truly harrowing.

The bright side of this is that we are actually saving money. I mean we spent about £250 on shopping today. But that will last us about 2 weeks and the dogs also. So really not that bad. And we have nothing else to spend it on. We decided we were going to go to IKEA today because last week it was open. And China assure us things are getting better. We’ll we go to IKEA to find it is shut because of an outbreak close to there. I honestly don’t think we are close to this coming to an end. More places would be open but this is not the case. More and more places are closing and people are buying in stock for fear of not being able to obtain food. Luckily, we are well and truly STOCKED UP.

When we got back we put everything away and walked the dogs on our small plot about 4 or 5 times round running and playing. We’re trying to entertain them as much as possible because they must be as bored as us!

Dinner time!! Well. I must say this was a double edged sword. Because the dinner itself was one of my best yet. I made a chimichurri sauce, with steak and eggs. And my goodness it was glorious. Zeus himself would have applauded me. Here is a picture for reference.

Now the only thing is.. After making the sauce a chili seed flew into my eye (I mean obviously not, it pinged off the board whilst I was using the knife) and by god it blinded me! It was horrible piercing and burning pain. But Emily was happy she had her meal. I on the otherhand was crying the the devil had spat in my eye. And well many things were tried to cool it down. First a cold wet flannel. Then a cold flannel soaked in milk (see photo).

But finally what actually worked was a big ass bowl of milk with my face in it for about 20 minutes.

There isn’t much else to tell. Oh other than the fact that Emily hadn’t seen Bad Boys before! I know right?! Well for reasons I can’t quite remember we currently have no social life. Now she hates films with loads of guns etc (she hated John Wick, I know I know, how dare she) but she LOVED Bad Boys 2. Bad Boys Bad Boys, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you?


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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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