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Day 17 – The big starve

The big starve may sound like a joke but in actual fact is was quite accurate. We had rationed our food down to the last bit and after a holiday, this virus, things were running low. Now usually pay day is at mid day on the 10th. However, because of this virus (argh) the lay was delayed and didn’t go in until 5pm! Now with most things shut already we were both moody. Although some of us more so than others (looking at you Emily). Emily was so hangry I honestly thought that at one point she may just turn green, grow about 10 feet and start breaking shit and saying ‘Emily Smash’. Luckily I managed to keep my cool. Years of practice of working with toddlers had finally paid off. But finally food arrived in the form of a burger, a cake, chocolate, and a KFC. Do we seem fat? I assure you it’s not the case. In fact I’ve been eating so little I’m fairly sure that my boobs have disappeared.

Anyway, one thing you should know at our school there was someone, who shall remain nameless, who I no longer get on with. A bit of background, he is from South Africa and was struggling with adjusting to China, so myself and Emily took him for lunch a few times. Invited him to meals, took him to IKEA. We got on really well. Then one day we had a dinner party he wasn’t invited to. It was a couples party and with 6 of us, plus 2 dogs and a cat out house really couldn’t take anymore. We’ll he decided (at around 47 years old) that he was pissed off he didn’t get an invite (even though we explained) and state ignoring us. So we confronted him and he said he was still annoyed and started sending petty messages. Anyway we put it behind us and one night he went out with another teacher and had a few drinks (worth noting that to us he said he hated this teacher, called him a see you next Tuesday, said he was condescending, and said he was physically intimidating to him one time). During these drinks he had said that I called this other teacher and old perv (not true) and that he goes to bars for a lot younger women etc and that he is just an old drunk (also not true) in fact I get on with this other teacher. Anyway we get back to school and the air is tense. So I go talk to this other teacher and he tells me what was said and I tell him it’s completely false and say everything that was said about him from this other teacher. If it all seems a bit school-like that’s because it is. Anyway, we confront him and tell him how it is etc and not to bitch about people who are going to talk. He apologises and says to put it behind us but never has. Now, you see there must still be tension. Although he still works for the school, he’s at a different site. But still in the group chats as we are under one group. We have been told to educate the children about the virus, about health and hospitals and make it topical. However he took exception. To this and started debating with our bosses that this wasn’t the best course of action and he’d do his own thing. I suggested it would be better if we worked together but no of course not. Every man for himself. Now. To be honest, I kind of loved it, it’s the most entertainment I’ve had in ages. Especially when it doesn’t bother me anymore. But then he sent a message saying “OK thanks big boy”. Now I probably shouldn’t have risen to it. And I didn’t say anything that bad other than “okay big man”, but he is particularly big. But anyway it entertained me seeing him get put into his place saying we should do the same thing.

Yesterday I felt more like myself. I went for a walk with the dogs. I haven’t died (hazaa), the cough has gone. All in all a solid 5/10. It would be higher if I didn’t feel like a princess confined to her castle and the castle grounds waiting to be rescued.

My mental health has seen a steady incline. Mostly because of Emily. She’s been a constant and I love her. Although last night she would not let me sleep, (grumpy old man that I am). I cannot wait until she gets to 27 and finds out that you start getting tired at normal times! (unless sits just me). By the way I am writing this after day 17, now on day 18, so I can look back on it with a fresh perspective.

There wasn’t too much news on actual virus things. Although videos are now appearing of police being physical to people not wearing masks (in their own home!). That and bloggers have been arrested. Today (18th day in isolation) it has been confirmed 1016 are dead. It is exactly 1 month since the first death. It hS increased 1000 fold in a month. Which is really scary. And there’s a reddit thread which is predicting the amount dead correctly the next day every day. Claiming they know because China are hiding how bad it really is. Now usually I don’t show crazy tin hats the time of day. However seeing as they tried to cover it up to begin with it wouldn’t surprise me. Especially as they’re killing animals. Locking people indoors. Only letting them out every two days. Now it’s all well and good wearing masks etc. But if the majority of chinese people are still spitting and not washing hands, and smoking, taking their masks off all the time. It doesn’t make a difference what they put in place. That’s about it for yesterday. We’re about to go out and do some bits. Oh and one more thing I haven’t shaved in a month and I’m starting to look like Hagrid.



Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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