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Day 32 – poorly Lola

So today Lola was poorly 😦 she’s actually been poorly for a couple of days. First of all her eyes went bad and we looked it up and it just said to apply cold water so we did. But the vets haven’t been open for over a month. I messaged and finally they were doing appointments. So we took her down. Before this she had also been sick a few times so we were quite worried. Now 1. There have been people saying the Chinese are planting poison for dogs and I already know in some provinces they are killing dogs “to stop the virus”, honestly the misinformation here is actually baffling. 2. The vet told us that the disinfectant (which has been sprayed, Everywhere)is affecting dogs all over. It’s sprayed 3 times a day all over our plot, on grass and pavement. And every hour in the elevator and our hallway. It’s burning her eyes and also making her sick. So they’ve given us some eye drops and medicine. Her eyes are looking better but they are still bloodshot. Now we have to get a taxi to the vet as it is too far to walk. It took so long to get one because everyone looked panicked that we had a dog. People were freaking out. It’s so ridiculous. People shouting at you. Pointing. Staring. It makes me so angry how they treat animals in this country. Our local vegetable store has a cat they keep chained to some stairs. It’s so cruel. And there is nothing we can do. But it’s why we rescued ours. Anyway the good news is she has seemed a little bit more like herself now. And she loved being able to actually leave our little plot. Being trapped in here isn’t for her! But she does love having us around 24/7.

We’ve decided Zeus is going to get the snip next month. He’s just decided he has to spray everything to show he’s the boss. Well, not for long.

Today has been a better today. Few shops were open. And it was pancake day! So we made pancakes.. Well Emily did. And. Y. U. M. M. Y. They were tasty. And I made a beef and tomato stew.. Oh lovely warm winter meals.

We could potentially be going back to work in the next 1-4 weeks. It’s hard to know. Some teachers are still out of the country and with prime ministers and presidents advising not to return they are reluctant to come back for obvious reasons. So we will see when we are going back, soon hopefully.

Emily is engulfed in her Greys Anatomy. I’ve eaten my own bodyweight in brownies from yesterday. I honestly may have to be rolled to the gym when it reopens. But to be honest I’m trying not to think about that too much. I’m doing things which I enjoy. Eating and cooking. I can’t exercise properly but at the end of the day there is nothing I can do about it so why beat myself up? I will get back to the gym and if I put on weight I put on weight. At the end of the day nobody is 100% fit year round. So I don’t need to make myself feel bad for letting myself go in a situation that I can’t control.

I’m being a little bit of a nerd. For those who don’t know I collect marvel and DC comics. Love star wars. Have a dragonball z tattoo. And own all Harry Potter movies. I’m just a bit of an overall nerd. So much so that I have a replica of the one ring in my drawer which I got from a trip to New Zealand with my best friend Lauren. Hobbit on is amazing by the way. If you haven’t been. Go. We’ll I’ve just been watching star wars. Playing star wars on PlayStation. Watching dragonball z. And tomorrow is lord of the rings. Going full on geek mode.

Anywho. This is a fairly short one. As you can probably tell I’m in much better spirits and trying a new outlook. Hopefully things continue to improve.

Also I got myself a lakers training top. Because why not.




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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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