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A week in a chinese hospital

So I am a week into a stay in a chinese hospital. And it’s been an experience. I’ve had one night of “uninterrupted sleep”, not really because they woke me up at 5am and then didn’t get back to sleep. The rest of the time I have been kept awake by patients who really deserved privacy. An old lady on her death bed, who I sadly watched pass the other day. And now a man who cannot feed himself and can only moan, can’t speak and isn’t really with it and needs constant care from his family (of 8 people). I shouldn’t complain, but it is making the mental side even harder. Couple that with large families here visiting all day who are eating noodles with their mouths open and slurping all day and playing loud videos whmith no headphones all day. If there is anything thing I hate about China it is how people eat and the lack of manners. It really is disgusting. They spit the food on the floor (in a hospital mind you), chew with their mouths open. It’s horrible. Really has been demoralising.

I’m hoping to be out this week, after a slight dip my bloods seem to be a little better and treatment is working. I am having a kidney function test today so see if that is going okay again. They are currently discussing whether to keep me in longer or have an outpatient care package which, obviously, I’ll have to pay for. Either way I think the amount will probably be roughly the same as it is so expensive without our stupid insurance company. Basically our school had a good insurance policy. But because nobody had claimed on it they decided to get a cheaper one but left the old policy translation in English in the contract. But that is a whole other thing.

I’m currently sitting out in the hallway, and have been since 11am (it’s now 3. 30pm here) because the man in the room we share has about 10 people in there with him all shouting and talking and playing loud videos. Right up close to my bed. No room. And he’s moaning bless him. And I really just want a bit of quiet, which I’m not going to get.

The gofundme page has raise £1870 pounds which is amazing! But unfortunately am still going to need more to cover the costs this week and the final tests and treatments. And then potentially outpatient care.

On the plus side my brilliant, amazing, beautiful fiancée made me a banana cake which we devoured last night. As well as two lovely home made dishes.

I’m feeling physically better although I have really bad kidney pain.l and back pain. Which they are currently testing and if it can be managed as an outpatient then it will be. But it’s agony at the moment and I can’t lay down without being in pain, which isn’t exactly ideal.

I’d like to say thank you to the people who have messaged me. I’ve reached out to a few people who just haven’t got back to me or said they would and days later still haven’t heard back. But those who have been keeping in contact every day you have no idea how positive it is hearing from you guys whilst in this situation. I couldn’t get through it without you all ❤️

If you could please share and / or donate if you have a few spare pennies. Thank you ❤️


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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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