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Update time

Okay so quick update.. I should have an update tomorrow. Lol. Sorry wish it was more exciting.

But in terms of what’s happening with me, my legs and well all my body really, are shot. All strength has gone and it doesn’t feel like they work at all. I have severe back pain. And last night I slept two hours because there was one man snoring next to me and another who was shouting, and one more who was watching videos loud all night. I know, lucky me right?

A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed. I didn’t think it would get this far. Massive thanks to Sarah for doing the gofundme page. And special shout out to Dan, who is doing a sponsored event to help raise money on bank holiday. It is nice to see people care.

A 12-16 week care plan is being put together to look after me as an outpatient which I can hopefully give an update on tomorrow.

One kick in the balls is that we only get a few days sick pay so this money will cover the hospital bills and outpatients care which is a massive help, as well as travel costs of ambulance rides. MRI scans etc. And I will touch on the insurance, or lack there of, a little later in the week when I’m less tired. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

One thing that is clear is how far off I am from a full recovery. Getting dizzy when I walk. No strength. The doctor made it clear that the discharge is the beginning and then the real healing will begin. It’s a long road but one that I hope I will be able to overcome.

This didn’t really go in any order. I’m very tired. But thank you for taking the time to read it.

You haven’t already please check out my gofundme page



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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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