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Day 5 – sleep deprivation

Gunna apologise for the lack of detail and content because I’m so I tired I can barely think. Okay so starting day 5 and I honestly feel like crap. I haven’t slept since I came in. Well I’ve had about 3 hours in thay time. The lady in my room, bless her, is on a machine and shouting, or having treatment 24/7 so I can’t get to sleep. I have headphones but they don’t do a thing. And honestly this lack of sleep is making everything seem so much harder.

Not much else in terms of updates other tha that. My back is in agony, so much so I cannot get comfortable. The music I have on to block out noses is so loud I think I’m going deaf.

Emily has so much to deal with and honestly trying to be upbeat when she’s here is a big struggle. Not that I’m not happy to see her because I am, so happy, but I’m in such a bad headspace I can barely crack a smile at the moment.

My kidney still isn’t cleaning my blood properly so they are increasing doses. And doing more tests.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the gofundme that was set up to help me pay the medical bills. I will post the link at the bottom., if there is any spare change it would be much appreciated.



Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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