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Beginning day 4 – quick update and message

Well last night I managed 2 hours sleep. New record! Want to say a massive thank you for all the kind messages everyone has sent towards me and offering help etc and I’m sorry if I haven’t responded. Truth is I’m severely sleep deprived. Trying to find out if the insurance covers this even though the English contract says it does the boss thinks translation may have been wrong. But finding out that even if it does cover it only cover 60% wasn’t great. Especially as in 3 days 1500 pounds has almost been spent. Struggling to walk. Struggling with most things so I apologise if I haven’t got back to you.

Secondly. I appreciate all the kind messages to me. But to everyone who is speaking to Emily and saying things like, you should just come home. You have too many dogs to deal with. This is so much for you. He’s ill again?! What have you achieved in China just come back? You’re doing too much. Are you sure you want to do all this? Guess what, that isn’t what Emily or I want to hear. So unless you have kind words to say or are offering help in some way please save opinions to yourself. I don’t have much energy and I don’t want to spend the energy I do have worrying about my wonderful fiancée and how much of a burden I am with people upsetting her with opinions.

Thirdly. I’ve got something called myositis, muscles degrading or something so they are doing more tests again and I have a neurologist visiting me today whilst I watch this medical bill get higher and higher.

Thank you for everyone who has phoned to check if I’m okay. Love to you all



Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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