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Day 3 – pin cushion central

Well that’s day 3 in the books and what a day. I had loads of different tests. But let’s keep it short.

So the first one I had was an electro magnetism body test or something? They stick needles in you and then put some metal circles round you and get you to move your joints so they can see how badly your muscles have been compromised. Which basically affirmed that it is rhabdomyolysis. And that my muscles have been torn with a few holes, which left untreated can fill up with air (not good) but being treated so all good! I had a CT scan which just showed breakdown of muscle. A kidney function test. An ultrasound, and you guessed it, I’m not pregnant. An X-ray. Covid test. Skin scratch test. And had 3 canulas in so I could have my antibiotics, saline and some sort of thing to help my kidneys all in one!

I’ve not slept really, in 3 days now. The woman in my room, is still clinging on but poor thing is really noisy and in pain. It’s not a good situation for her and unfortunately I am hearing it every minute and it’s keeping me up all night. I hope she is as comfortable as she can be.

Alex dropped in today and brought a Spag bol which was lovely! And nice to have some conversation. Obviously Emily has been visiting every day and looking after the dogs, and sorting out the new house, she really is a super hero.

The only plus side to not sleeping is that I’m getting to watch all the nba games! Haha.

I’m so tired I’m starting to hallucinate 😂 the good thing is that hopefully I will be home within the next 3 days as long as my protein levels continue to drop, and from there careful load management of exercise etc and managing work. Still a long way to go.

The bad news is in 3 days the medical bill is over 1000 pounds 😶 and the insurance only covers 60 percent. And won’t be paid out for a while. So the longer I stay the worse that gets which isn’t great. But can’t afford to leave early because my kidney could give out.

But other than that life is great!



Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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