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Been a minute, where to begin?

I haven’t written in here for a while, but as I am led here on a hospital bed, unable to sleep, I figured now is as good a time as any.

So where to start?

I started the day fine, I did a leg day at the gym and my legs were jelly after! I’ve been doing a new programme, and whilst slowly cutting weight still hitting PBs in the gym. Then I went home and ate and in the evening went to basketball for around 3-3.5 hours. I actually barely left the court as our team kept winning 3v3 and it was winner stays on. As I was going I could feel I was fatigued. I could feel I was tired but I pushed through, not knowing what my body’s as going through. Now comes the interesting part..

I called a taxi to go home, and I got in and I was fine, then as I eventually get home, the taxi pulls over I pay, open the door and my whole body goes into shock. I start getting spasms all over my body, although spasms doesn’t really do it justice. My body felt like I was being ripped apart. My neck, arms, back, stomach, legs. My legs are the worst. Unbelievable pain unable to stand. I crash to the floor unable to speak or do anything or than shout in agony. Eventually I manage to ring my fiancée and tell her to come meet me. But by the time she arrives it has gotten so much worse. Unable to move in the slightest without getting severe pain all over my body, it felt as though the muscles of my body were being torn apart, ripped from my body.. Now I figured I was just dehydrated, low on salts. But I’d done this before. Going to the gym and playing basketball is not new to me. And I had actually kept fairly well hydrated. 3 bottles of water and a powerade at basketball. And turns out I was right. The ambulance eventually came, after a group of Chinese people were kind enough to look after me whilst I was waiting. The doctors ran some tests here, me still unable to move. By this point coming on for 4 hours. Eventually the test came back for a positive on rhabdomyolysis. Never heard of it? Me neither. Turns out it is very rare. Anyway, this is where the muscles of your body are broken or damaged and are producing too much myoglobin for your body, releasing it into your bloodstream, so your kidneys can’t do their job, and begin to fail. And what’s that? You guessed it my kidneys are not doing their job, so I’m not allowed to walk ( even when I can) because using my muscles were poison my body more. So now I currently on constant medication, hemofiltration, waiting on confirmation of a transfusion and dialysis as I speak; which as I say it is crazy thinking my body has got to the point where dyalisis and blood transfusions are even an option. My kidneys can’t do the job they’re supposed to because my blood has too much myoglobin.

Luckily they caught this, even if it is late, but I feel broken. My body is beaten down and all my muscles still feel like they are held together with tape. And this isn’t just DOMS, I mean I literally can’t move them without screaming.

Anyway that is where I’m at, Emily has been great. She’s at home with the dogs. I’ve been readily told off for trying to leave the hospital, and that a minimum of 5 days is required. Which is easier said than done when they charge for everything! And when I say everything, I mean everything. If you change rooms it’s a charge. If you get a bed pan (because I can’t move) it’s a charge. Everything is charged to you. But the worst part? Because I can’t move I obviously need help. You’d think the nurses would do that, right? Wrong. You have to pay them to help you! How fucked up is that? I need help going for a shit, but if I don’t pay them, I gotta shit myself. Fucked up.

Any who, that’s the update, I just needed to get it off my chest because, well, I’m lonely, nervous and a little scared.


Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

8 thoughts on “Been a minute, where to begin?

  1. Bloody hell Zac, this is just shocking to read. You of all people so deserve a bloody break and a good life. I’ve followed your story and you’ve inspired me after I too broke my neck and back. You will get through this and be back home with Emily and your pups soon. I wish you a speedy recovery .. remember how utterly strong you are.


  2. Sorry to read this pal. It’s scary enough being in hospital let alone in a foreign country where everything seems worlds apart from the healthcare we are used to! trust me I get that. Keep your head up high and stay strong 🙂


  3. So sorry to hear this, Zac, don’t you have health insurance to cover it? I hope you feel better very soon.


  4. Sorry – gross understatement!- hear of your predicament Zac..sending very best wishes for a speedy resolution to your kidney wishes JonW

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