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China day 1000000000.

So long time no see again..

Things have been pretty good recently. I mean besides my grandad dying, not being able to go home and visit my family, being in isolation for 3 months.. I actually got back on track and worked out for a week solid. Invested in some home workout equipment. I honestly was feeling pretty good. And then my grandads funeral got cancelled. My grandma and mum couldn’t attend. And then today the crematorium said they couldn’t attend the cremation either. So now, my grandma goes into isolation, having lost her husband. Unable to see anyone. I can’t comfort her. I can’t go home. I feel helpless.

I’ve had an idea that I’m going to hold an online memorial for friends and family on Skype or zoom. Tell stories we have. On the plus side, my mum showed my haircut to grandma (a mohawk) and she managed to crack a smile.

It’s killing me that people aren’t taking the virus seriously. If people had. Maybe the my grandma would be able to say goodbye to her husband, my grandad.

For all the faults of how China treated animals and people, the lockdown they implemented worked. People need to realise this isn’t a small thing.

It seems people either think the is the black plague and bulk buy stupid things like toilet paper. Or they completely ignore the governments advice and go to works, take the tube and have parties.

Having been in isolation 3 months I really hope people start paying attention to the advice. Even with the measures in place China are getting new cases. Although a few of these are coming from abroad.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but be kind. People are gunna be struggling. Financially and emotionally. It is an opportunity to show the best of us.

I’m going to try put stuff down on here again daily to get thoughts off my chest. Just for me. Take care


P.s how cute is my cat


Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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