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World gone mad

Hey long time no speak. So a lot of you are probably going through similar emotions I went through when we first heard about everything here. Well we are still in isolation, and I’m going mental. So this will be broken into two bits. Firstly

1: World gone crazy.

China got hit the worst with the virus. It originated here so it was always going to be. But even here they weren’t so stupid as to go and bulk buy toilet paper. Some people are morons. The supermarkets have to stay open for supply of things. They weren’t going to run out. At least not until you lot decided to go zombie apocalypse and horde that shit. So just chill out. And when you go out, wash your hands, or wear disposable gloves. And then throw them out. It isn’t hard. People complain about immigrants, but you’re all too quick to throw your own people under the bus. Remember that next time a war torn immigrant wants to leave their country for a better life, you went mental and raided a supermarket. It’s honestly baffling.

The good news is it won’t be as bad as China. China is a communist country so people had no choice. Doors being welded to keep people locked in. Doors locked shut. Animals killed. Tracking your every whereabouts. Death sentences for going out when you’re not allowed or not wearing a mask. (even though the masks don’t do anything). So look on the bright side.

2: I’ve let myself go

It’s been so long in isolation I finally snapped. I kept myself going with workouts, cooking and all of that. I loved it. I was doing so much. But after my grandad died in the UK and I couldn’t go home. I just snapped. I’ve eaten barely anything. Anything I have eaten has been crap. Haven’t looked after myself. No date on returning to work so if I’m honest I’m really struggling. It’s a lot to handle. I’m constantly tired and sleep all the time. Emily is a lot stronger than me. She’s even doing boxing workouts. Which she’s killing.

Anyway it was just a quick one today that’s all.

I miss my family.

Bye for now




Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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