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Day 45 – Change of plans

So originally I was going to come back to the UK for my Grandad’s funeral. See my family etc. However that has now changed. Few reasons really but main points.

It will be unpaid whilst there.

Work has not given a return to work date yet.

A 2 week quarantine would be required upon returning to China and work believe we may be back at work by then but cannot say for sure.

I would be unpaid for 2 weeks and have to pay 1,400 pounds, roughly, to be quarantined in an official facility. It now is not feesable.

It’s really upsetting these circumstances are not allowing me a proper goodbye. I facetimed my mum and dad to tell them I wouldn’t be coming back. Upset, but they understood.

A few of my friends have suggested going in my honour which is a really nice touch.

I’m going to write something for the funeral. Maybe record a message to be played there or get someone to read it out on my behalf, something like that.

In other news, every cloud and all that. This means I will have money to get Zeus the snip. And oh my god does he need it. I found a patch today he has been consistently peeing on. And it stinks to high heaven. So, I am Sorry Zeus, you brought this on yourself.

I’ve had a few days off doing online lessons because my head has been all over. But I’ll be back at it on Tuesday.

As I’m writing this I found out one of our Chinese TA’s quit over the wages being reduced. I don’t know why they’d reduce them as we rely on them so much. Without them this doesn’t work. And it makes the online teaching so much harder. Especially the younger ones as they help translate.

I haven’t been sleeping. Which isn’t surprising given everything. Wake up at about 2 and don’t go back to sleep. Or just can’t sleep at all.

That’s about it really. Not much else going on.

Except the usual.

Here’s the familam though


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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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