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Day 36 – we caught a break

So today was a good day. We went outside on a little trip! I know crazy! It is the first time we have done something that isn’t the same in 36 days! Our Chinese friends took us one a dog walk with our two dogs, to a lake. And it was sunny! I even caught the sun a little. It was a small peace of bliss to blind us from what’s going on around us.

We come back to go to someone’s for dinner where we aren’t allowed back in to their place. And all of a sudden the reality of it hits you again. Not allowed in other people’s apartments. People only allowed out every couple of days. Nobody allowed into your complex. But it was a nice break from the usual drivel.

Lola and Bella absolutely loved the day out. They ran about of their leads. Lola even had her first swim! She panicked haha! But enjoyed it once she had the hang of it. Wasn’t too pleased about being wet after though. As I’m writing this they are both currently fast asleep on the floor!

We got back home and we needed some food because we hadn’t eaten properly all day. Although we did have some chines picnic bits. The first Chinese food we have had in ages. And Emily’s stomach dropped hahaha. Since we actually got home Emily has been farting non-stop! Got our very own storm in our apartment. Bloody windy lady. To make it even worse even the dogs are at it. Like a bloody orchestra.

Tomorrow is the last day of online teaching before a two day break. But to be honest it’s the same day to day stuff anyway.

I’ve got back into the walking dead. I stopped watching it a while ago. But I’ve started and I’ve really got back into it. Apparently the whole the world is ending is a good theme right about now. Anyway that’s about it. It’s been a really good day. And for one day I’ve felt good and forgotten about the shit storm we’re in.




Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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