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Day 35 – the long one

So I’ve put off writing a day as there is a lot to cover in this and I had to think about it as I didn’t want it to come off too rant driven. So it will be broken into sections. Section 1

Information on the coronavirus and “fear mongering” :

First things first, I believe everyone knows tabloids have always twisted the truth or played on fears to get numbers up. However I think most of the UK is capable of doing their own research and reaching their own conclusions on the actual risk factors of the virus. The aim of this blog isn’t to put fear into anyone. It’s an outlet and also gives an insight into what life is actually like here. Now I know papers will exaggerate things. But the government hid it here and now they have a pandemic where the whole country has been shut down for over a month. And so many people are dead. Family members and friends. Italy failed to report on the coronavirus outbreak effectively, and failed to quarantine people visiting Asia and now they have close on 1000 cases, hospitals in danger and schools shut down. So maybe it isn’t ideal, but ask yourself would you rather an overreaction and put people in quarantine, to be safe, so that places such as hospitals and old people’s homes are safe; or would you rather nothing be done and then have a worst case scenario on your hands?

Second section


I know a lot of people think this is ridiculous, it’s a flu / SARS type thing. And yes, you probably are at less of a risk than us in China. In fact definitely. But there have been something like 20 cases in the UK. So just to put this in perspective let’s look at it objectively. W.H.O (world health organisation) has gone on record stating that this is one of the most contagious viruses they have ever seen. It’s not as deadly as SARS but the sheer numbers is scary, and it also has a high fatality rate in the elderly and those with respiratory problems such as asthma. With a 14 day incubation period with no symptoms. Imagine one of those people knew someone in hospital, or even knew someone who knew someone in hospital. Saw them who visited someone. That is then spread throughout an entire hospital without knowing what’s going on, patients could be transferred and all of a sudden shit hits the fan. Now I’m not saying this to scare people, just showing what has already happened here with hospitals being shut down.

Section 3


I had a, well a kind way of putting it would be, a disagreement, with someone on Facebook. They were laughing at how people were dying in China and said and I quote, “if people are that stupid they should die”. He was obviously blocked. But I didn’t even know him it was a friend of someone I know. People are making jokes on Facebook and Instagram. It’s cool I’ve made light of situations here, sometimes jokes are the only way you can get through things. But seeing people actually go out of their way to say this shit isn’t a threat. It’s rubbish. Laugh about people dying. That isn’t okay. Not when we are here worrying, families are here heartbroken. Having our neighbour taken away. Seeing hospitals shut down. Being trapped inside. And to that point, thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us. You honestly don’t know what it means. Especially when we’re going stir crazy here. It gives you a perspective. I worked for a mental health charity before coming out here, who preached mental health. Looking out for one another. People I considered friends. And after writing about this and seeing those who have read my blog or seen my Facebook or Instagram stories. None of them have reached out to check on me and my mental health. Even when you write about it. That isn’t why you do it, I’m not looking for attention. But when you part with people you considered friends you would think they would practice what they preach. Which brings me onto the next section

Mental health:

I haven’t hidden that this has been super hard on Emily and me. Every situation will be different for different people. Some may be okay with this. But we struggle. Being active people we find this really hard. Putting my thoughts down on here has really helped. And having friends check in. Not even telling me things will be okay but just listening, has really helped. People just being there. China doesn’t really have mental health awareness. There isn’t anything from the company checking how we’re doing and if we need anything. We had a conference call with all the teachers today which is pretty much the first time we’ve been checked up on how we are actually doing. Although nothing about how we are really doing mentally. And honestly it’s a struggle. Getting motivation to even do the online classes is hard. And thank god Emily and I have each other because if I didn’t have her I don’t know what I would do.

Last section

A mixture of everything:


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