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Day 35 – the long one

Sorry if this seemed like a rant. Truth is I’m tired of people writing me saying is it even and I quote “that bad”? Or “just chill out” or how everything is an “overreaction”. So much isn’t reported here. Dogs and cats being killed. People being arrested for speaking out. So if I seem irritable on social media. I apologise. I’ve actually managed to workout today first time in almost a week, a proper workout. And I feel so much better for it. Now I need to keep it up, every day. Make time. All I have is time. But prioritise doing the right things. Not procrastinating. We’ve been added to a dog loving group in China which is lovely. Seeing people here love animals. As I’ve seen so many treated badly. We’re waiting on when we are going back. Yesterday we were told late April early May. Today we were told maybe late March. So honestly it is anyone’s best guess at the moment. The pets are great. They are my babies, and Emily’s. Emily actually cooked a Chili concarne tonight and O.M.G it was a-m-a-z-e-b-a-l-l-s. We push each other to be better. I’m a better person with her, than I ever was without. And she shoes me even in this situation I can still accomplish things.

Anyway here is a couple of pictures of me and my workout partner.

Thanks for reading.




Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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