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Life in China

I’m trying to write as much as I can. I’m tired most days and I need to try and keep to my schedules as much as I can. It’s so hard, right now my days are pretty much activity, rest, activity rest. No matter what it is it seems to tire me out. Even after concentrating to write this and concentrating I can feel myself getting tired.

Since moving to China I have been very lucky, having my fiancée with me, having my dogs and cat. But if always felt like there was something missing. For me it is competitive sport. So the fact it put me in this situation is a bitter pill to swallow.

In terms of my body I can feel myself getting stronger every day. But my blood tests show that my kidney isn’t there yet, and my energy levels go up and down all day. That being said, I’m very lucky that I have a fantastic supporting fiancée.

I’m currently into two things, I’m watching One Piece (a new anime my friends Morgan and Alex) introduced me to and watching the playoffs in basketball. The anime One Piece is absolutely amazing, I’ve got it on whilst I’m writing this and I am hooked! The is the best anime I’ve watched since Dragonball Z. If anyone hasn’t watched it and is into anime I would definitely recommend it! Since starting basketball I have been following the Lakers. It’s mainly because even though I didn’t follow basketball before, Kobe was someone who transcended sport and had an impact in terms of work ethic. I’ve loved watching them through the playoffs, and it has been great watching competitive sport even though I can’t take part in it at the moment.

This was a pretty random blog post, but I’m trying to keep my mind on doing something with some sort of routine, keep myself going whilst being tired.

I think I’m going to try and write about anime and basketball going forward, maybe on a seperate blog!

Anyway thanks for reading!


Published by Zac France

Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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