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Health update.

So it’s been a while again! Unfortunately it is currently hard to stay on top of a blog, I’m suffering with chronic fatigue and the smallest things are tiring me out. So! What’s new?

Well, lets start with today. Emily went wedding dress shopping (not for her, for her friend), and got asked to be a model for the wedding dress company! So that was pretty cool, can officially say my fiancée is a model. Hehe. Emily has been great, she has stepped up in every which way you can imagine. With chores, the dogs, everything. It’s not like I don’t want to help but everything seems a struggle at the moment. So a massive thank you to Emily who I honestly couldn’t be without.

In terms of health there is quite a bit going on. Let’s start with the kidneys. So I have been having regular hospital trips (more money spent) to ensure that I am not getting worse. So far my creatine levels are still high, and the kidneys are still not functioning at a normal rate, but I’m not dying, so its isn’t all doom and gloom. My most recent test showed that my glucose levels were very low, so they asked if I had eaten today. Funnily enough, I had actually eaten a massive breakfast, so they now think that I may be diabetic and need to go in for more tests on Friday. On top of this I’ve had a crohns flair up, just what I need. I was also getting a lot of headaches, so I had my eyes tested and they’ve got a lot worse since I last had them tested so needed new glasses. On top of the chronic fatigue it has all been a bit much. Mentally it has been exhausting, feeling like a burden all the time; not being able to help as much as I would like to. But as I said before Emily really has been great.

Hopefully the test comes back negative, but knowing my luck it probably is bloody diabetes haha. The other results were still the same and haven’t yet improved but I’m well enough to stay out of hospital for now.

The dogs are great. Lola now has a fun habit since I’ve returned from hospital. Before she couldn’t care less about saying goodnight, she just kind of flopped on the floor and that was that. But ever since I came back she will not go to sleep without a massive cuddle in bed and a belly scratch for at least 30 minutes, otherwise she goes crazy!

Rehab has gently started, a lot of gentle stretching and basically just trying to be a little more active with walking. Because of the fatigue it is a very – be active, then rest, active then rest kind of day. Doesn’t matter how much sleep I’m getting it doesn’t seem to help. I honestly thought I would miss working out more. I miss it, but I’m so tired and have so much going on I can’t really think about it right now. But I just have to slowly increase the rehab and exercise without lifting my creatine levels until I can get somewhere near normal whenever that may be.

On the plus side I have watched a lot of basketball, which is great. I was sad that I couldn’t play rugby anymore so it has been refreshing to find a sport that I can take part in (until recently) ad also watch as well. Im a competitive person so I need something to push me to get better at. (Although unfortunately no matter how hard I try Emily is always one step ahead) .. Stupid fiancée being good at basketball haha. She actually taught me to play when we first met and I was hooked! She beat me 1v1 on our 2nd date (embarrassing I know!). From then on I have wanted to get better ever since. She has been there all the way, getting annoyed when I pester her for advice, ask how my shot looks, ask to go play. Honestly it’s like having a child I don’t know how she copes! She is definitely going to go grey before 30 haha.

But I digress; I just wanted to give a brief update on where things currently stand. Thank you to everyone for all the support and to those who continue to message me. It has been a tough time and all of your support means the world.

P.s here are some pictures of my dogs just because they so fluffy and adorable.


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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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