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THE update. 👀

Okay so this will be slightly longer than normal but you’ll see why, and I’ll break it into sections. So first part.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated or messaged me, my amazing fiancée for looking after me. Our amazing friends Alex and Destiny in China for helping with visits and food. My Nana’s church group for sending prayers. Sarah for setting up the gofundme. Everyone who has messaged every day and continually checked in. Dan for organising the fundraiser this weekend. Thank you all ❤️

Secondly, update on my well-being. It’s been very challenging in a few ways mentally. As anyone who goes to the gym or plays sport knows any injury is difficult when you get injured it is always difficult. And as many of you know I had a serious injury where I couldn’t move for a while. This has a throwback to that in that I couldn’t walk. And now my body is so weak, and my muscles are not repaired and I’m struggling to do anything without pain. So it’s taken a toll mentally. As well as this the money side of things obviously has and still is stressing me out because of the care needed after. But has been made a lot less stressful by the kindness showed by everyone. The hospital experience itself was not nice. There were no showers, no food and no water. The visiting hours were whenever so I had Chinese people in with me visiting constantly and sleeping in the hospital and playing games and watching TV until was hard to deal with.

On to my physical condition. The treatment they have been giving me for over a week has worked. My protein levels are at a rate which is decreasing every day which is good. This means that today I have been able to return home. Although this isn’t the end. The recovery total will be around 4 months. They need to regularly test my kidneys, bloods and muscles. With constant check ups and scans and blood tests and IV’s to ensure I do not go backwards, which of course means further spendature. In terms of physically, I can’t do much. I almost fell over walking to the taxi. And getting up for long periods makes me dizzy. My muscles aren’t yet functioning properly and still aren’t completely fixed from the bouts of spasms and cramps that I had during the incident so it is bed rest and no physical exercise for two more weeks.

The work and insurance:

Unfortunately as good as my work have been the sick pay in China is basically non existent so I will lose out on money whilst recovering. So I do want to recover as quickly as possible. Now this usually would be covered by the insurance policy. However, when we signed our contract we were told our insurance policy covers X. It said we were completely covered for circumstances which included emergency treatment etc. So you’d think this would be? Wrong. Because nobody had claimed on the old policy they downgraded it. But they did not put the new terms or translation in the contract that the signed, only the old one. This meant that we thought we were covered whereas in actuality we were not. Out of the thousands of costs it will take we see about 3-450 pounds. (up to 6 months after filing). So that is what happened in regards to the insurance, something we intend to rectify with the school at a later date if we decide to sign a new contract. The absence of the insurance and not working does mean that the longer outpatient treatment continues the more expensive it gets and of course not working to, so I cannot stress the love I have for all of you who are donating and continue to share the page.

Most of you who know me personally know that I have a little bit of a zoo at home who I have missed so much! And coming back to see them is dream as well as my beautiful fiancée.

So there you have it. That’s basically it at the moment. I will post more updates in terms of rehab for my muscles which is now needed. Contuing tests and treatment an outpatient. And how I get on with getting back to normal life in the coming months.

As always here is the link for the gofundme which will be up for about another 7-10 days as we now total costs for outpatient care. The outpatient treatment will take money but I appreciate all the effort all of you have put in so any extra change you can possibly share would be greatly appreciated to help with treatment and scans. Thank you all ❤️ ❤️


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Rugby player and basketball player. Finding my feet in China.

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